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Doll House Menorah
Doll House Menorah
Manufacturer: Stained Glass Designs
SKU: SG-9829
Price $180.00
What are the favorite things that little girls like to do? Answer, play with their doll house. Our doll house on this menorah is the focal point with the little girls who are standing around having fun, jumping rope, and playing dress up with mom's purse! This Hanukkah menorah is a very special gift for that little girl in your life. It can be used as a birth gift, birthday gift, or just a gift that says I love you to that precious little girl in your life.

Each glass person has been hand cut, wrapped in metal, and soldered. Details in wire and metal are added to form the figures and dollhouse. This Haunkkah menorah is another part of our Celebration Collection.

  • Size: 15" x 3" x 3"
  • Material: Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Artist: Stained Glass Designs