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Miriam Mezuzahs
Miriam Mezuzahs
Manufacturer: Stained Glass Designs
SKU: SG-3030
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Miriam, tamborine in hand, led the Israelites in a victory dance thanking God for saving their lives after crossing the Red Sea and leaving bondage in Egypt. In recent times, Miriam has become a prominent symbol of Jewish feminists as well as a symbol of Jewish artistry and dance.

The Miriam mezuzah in three iridescent stained glass colors is the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, a birthday, an educator or any female for a special occasion.

The graphic of Miriam, designed with Julie Staller-Pentelnik, has been sandblasted and fire polished in the kiln before added the two layers of glass to the plexiglass case.

The mezuzah case comes with nails and a printed scroll or klaf, ready to be placed on the doorpost of a Jewish home. The scroll contains the words of two passages from Deuteronomy, 11:13 and 6:4-9. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 has the words of the "Shema Israel" in which God commands Jews to keep God's words constantly in their minds and in their hearts.

  • Size: 1.25" x 6"
  • Material: Plexiglass & Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Artist: Stained Glass Designs