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Lions 10 commandments design Paroches
Lions 10 commandments design Paroches
Manufacturer: Judaica Gifts
SKU: JBP-Lions10com
Price $2,800.00
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Hand Embroidered Full Curtain with design in the middle. Picture below shows a large parochet with extended pannels on the sides. Design has 3D dimention Applique,Gold embroidery accented with multi-color embroidery,Rinestones & Jewels; Letters and trims in Gold. Crown (puffy),Lions (Puffy) and 10 Commendments tablets are gold & white Applique Custom made to your specification,color,size,etc. Can be personalized in Hebrew and English Designs can be applied to Torah mantles as well as to Bein Gavras,Amud and Bima Covers Paroches prices are estimates and are based on a standard one piece or two piece 54 W x 72" H size. For any other size dimensions
  • Material: Velvet
  • Made in USA
  • Custom made item - not returnable
  • Rough estimated price only - please contact us for a Price Quote
  • Artist: Judaica Gifts