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Israel Wheat Cuff Links
Israel Wheat Cuff Links
Manufacturer: Manny
Price $139.00
Gift box included with every cufflink purchase.
This item is hand painted in the USA by Manny.
No two pieces are ever exactly identical, making each item truly an original.
Since the hand painted coin is such a delicate and unique artifact it is placed into a coin holder which is 14 K gold filled.
Hand Painted Coins are Legal: Section 331 Title 18 of the US code prohibits, among other things, the fraudulent alteration and mutilation of US and foreign coins. For example, it is illegal to alter the date or mint mark of an inexpensive common coin so that it has the date and mint mark of a valuable rare coin. This statute does not prohibit the mutilation of coins if done without fraudulent intent, or if the coins are not used fraudulently.
Each painted coin comes with a description of how it was made.
  • Color: Blue
  • Made in USA
  • Artist: Manny