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Ellis Island Doll - Abigail
Ellis Island Doll - Abigail
Manufacturer: Judaica Gifts
Price $69.00
We are from Lublin, a market town in Polish Russia. Papa and mama had their own stall selling produce in the central market. Maybe they can have one in the market in New York when we get there. I am going to go to school and learn to be an American. Around her neck Abigail has a gold plated Star of David. The Dolls head, arms, hands, legs a feet are made of porcelain and she has a cloth covered stuffed body. The doll also come with a stand that hold the 20" tall Abigail.
  • Size: 20" H
  • Weight: 4.750 lb.
  • Artist: Judaica Gifts
  • Shipping: $11.00 in USA